Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Minnesota State Mankato is a university where you can stand out. You will find comprehensive support services, a wide variety of majors to explore and opportunities to excel in and out of the classroom.

AgriBusiness & Food Innovation

The AgriBusiness and Food Innovation major and minor will develop students’ innovation skills within the agriculture and food industries as well as the knowledge of the business creation process.

Agricultural Science

The Agricultural Science program combines ecology, biology, chemistry, and genetics to study crop and animal production, as well as soil health.

Earth Science

Earth Systems Science is an interdisciplinary field of study focusing on our planet’s connected natural systems. Explore the chemical, physical and biological processes operating at and near the Earth’s surface.

Ecology (Biology)

Ecology is the study of relationships between organisms and their environment.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is an applied science designed to study interactions among biological, chemical and physical components of the environment.

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition prepares graduates for various careers in health promotion, wellness, food service, and/or nutrition; research and development or quality assurance in the food industry; and/or in corporate food distribution, production, sales and service.

Food Science Technology

Food Science Technology is an interdisciplinary program that combines microbiology, nutrition and chemistry to study current food industry trends.


Geography studies the interactions between people and our environment, and it uses cutting-edge geospatial technologies to solve real-world problems.

Global Solutions in Engineering and Technology

This minor focuses on global aspects of engineering by creating a pathway for students to develop cultural and language skills desired by our regional employers.

Plant Science (Biology)

Plant Science emphasizes plant structure and function, diversity, evolutionary and anatomical adaptations and
interactions between plants and their environment.